Wet or damp crawlspace?

Crawlspace Waterproofing 


Unfortunately, dirt and mud crawl spaces are common in most homes and present a unique problem for homeowners. crawl spaces tend to be great places to hide if you are a bug or rodent. with the dark damp conditions, crawl spaces are a haven for spiders, ants, termites, mice, and many other pests commonly found in these areas. most crawlspaces with these conditions produce high levels of humidity, odors, and even radon gases. not only do these conditions harbor pests but also create the perfect environment for mold spores. once present, spores attach and begin to grow. floor joists, insulation, dirt, and even the carpet you walk on are made from organic materials, which is what feeds mold and bacteria. once exposed, over time these elements break down leading to structural damage and poor air quality. serious health hazards can occur by breathing harmful mold and bacteria.


Fix your crawlspace issues


  • improve indoor air quality

  • reduce soil gas

  • improve energy cost

  • remove musty odors

  • seal out bugs, rodents, and pests

  • create a healthy space


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The good news is, we can fix it!


Our encapsulation systems are designed to seal your home from the harmful elements below, in which cause terrible air quality and structural damage. In addition by using our system you can also reduce energy costs and turn your once unusable area into a clean and safe usable space. 


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