Waterproofing Repair Services in Lansing MI

With over 25 years experience you can count on Rangel's waterproofing. From customer service to knowledge and know-how, Rangel's is fully licensed and certified in waterproofing, repair, and much more!

Crack Repair 


It is best to get cracks fixed before they turn into more costly issues. Cracks allow moisture and other contaminants to infiltrate the concrete compromising its structural integrity. Even the smallest cracks can spread, causing serious damage if not addressed.

Our process will prevent further deterioration of the structure by not only sealing out moisture but, because of the flexible nature of the epoxy, will allow the foundation to flex during seasons where the soil is expanding and contracting without putting undue stress on other areas of the foundation. More Info

Home Foundation Repair


Expansive clay, loose or improperly compacted soils, and improper grade and maintenance of the soils around your home are just a few potential causes of structural failure. The soil around Lansing is moisture rich and sandy which can contribute to movement in the structure and foundation failure.  


Older homes and homes that don’t have additional structural support are often adversely impacted by high levels of expansion and contraction in the soils over time. More Info

Basement Waterproofing


A wet basement is a common problem in all types of basements- from concrete to stone to block foundations. we offer an arsenal of hybrid systems designed for the many variables found from one home to another. More Info

Crawlspace Repair & Waterproofing

Our encapsulation systems are designed to seal your home from the harmful elements below, in which cause terrible air quality and structural damage. In addition by using our system, you can also reduce energy costs and turn your once unusable area into a clean and safe usable space. More Info

Egress Windows


An egress window is a window large enough, as defined by local business codes for entry or exit in case of an emergency. These are typically required when finishing a basement and are paired with an Egress Well with attached ladder or steps for easy escape.


Window well escape systems may be a safety requirement, but you don’t have to sacrifice your basement’s beauty to comply with the code! Rangel's offers a complete system that turns your basement into a bright, comfortable living room or bedroom at the same time ensuring the safety of those inside. More Info

Water Management


Proper water management ensures that water does not find its way into your home. We utilize a number of water management strategies to keep water away from your foundation and out of your home. Without water management in place water from downspouts or even the surrounding area can flow towards the home creating additional pressure on foundation and basement walls. It is often this pressure of water build up behind walls which create costly breaches that undermine a foundation. ​More Info



Residential Roofing


With our experienced, licensed, and insured roofers available to assist you with all your residential and commercial roofing needs, it’s clear that we can get any roofing job done. However, we also take things one step further. We value unbeatable customer service to our fellow Michigan residents, and as a local business, it’s our top priority to treat our neighbors with professionalism and respect. ​More Info




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